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How to Organize

There are many benefits that accompany becoming a partner with our trades union for both the employer and employee. Here are just a few of the examples on how we can help.

Our union provides an excellent mechanism for communication between workers and employers, this builds a trusting relationship among the workforce. By building this trust and commitment to the worker, it ensures that problems can be identified and resolved quickly and fairly. This brings significant productivity benefits. By becoming a signatory contractor, there is a single point of contact for negotiating wages, benefits and working conditions for workers which is considerably easier for employers and far more efficient then dealing with workers individually.

Trade unions negotiate on behalf of the membership with the employers to find solutions to meet business needs, while ensuring that workers are treated fairly. By giving the workers a voice and supporting them when they have issues at work, this significantly improves working conditions, staff retention, absenteeism and creates a work environment that is far more productive.

Our union has been involved in the pipe trades for well over 100 years. We are second to none when it comes to experience and having a broad perspective on issues affecting contractors and industry knowledge that can be very useful to our contractors as well. Informing and consulting with the union representatives can assist employers in making better informed business decisions.

Our union promotes safety, quality and actively promotes equal opportunities at work. Our union representatives are well placed and trained to identify jobsite issues and work with our employers to ensure that policies are in place to keep these types of incidences from occurring. This creates a workplace that is very attractive to skilled workers and helps to reduce management time spent dealing with any sort of grievances.

The membership of UA local 496 and our signatory contractors are partners and this partnership is built for success. We work closely together to insure that higher standards continue to be achieved and that workers are being treated appropriately. Whether you are an employer that is looking to grow and have the highest skilled and diligent trades people available to you or if you are a trades person working in the pipe trades industry seeking fairness within your current employer or just seeking a change, please contact us, we want to hear from you! 

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