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Piping Industry Training School

About Us


The men and women of UA Local 496 are big believers in keeping our skills right out there on the front edge, up to date, with new materials, new tools and evolving construction technologies.   We have invested a great deal in the Calgary and District Piping Industry Training School, a superbly equipped, 10,000 square-foot operation located at our South Calgary headquarters.   Our staff of 10 instructors, all certified by or enrolled in the UA's Great Lakes Training Centre at Ann Arbor, Michigan, deliver programs of day and evening apprentice and journeyman upgrading. 

Our training equipment is superb. In each of our 10 welding shop bays, you will find the equipment needed for every welding process. We use Lincoln Electric and Miller Pipeworx 400 welding machines which allows us to weld almost any material imaginable.  We also have a state of the art Lincoln Electric Virtual Welding Machine. This offers the public a chance to see what welding really is and if it’s something that interests you.  Stop by the School today for a free try.

On scheduled evenings and weekends, members can come in and utilize our Welding Facility to practice or learn for a small consumable fee.

With Local 496 recently signing a new Signatory Fabrication Facility, our members are now also able to upgrade their skills. Our location offers members a Bench Fitting course that has been solely based on the fabrication sector. We cover topics such as Weld Quality, Identification of different Base Metals, Welding Procedure Specifications and many others.  We offer Cross Connection Control / Backflow Prevention Certification and Renewals.  We will be one of two locations in Calgary that is capable of offering this certification through American Water Works Association.  

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